Head coach and the creator of Ketovation,
Aryan Fazeli.

I am Ketovation’s founder and head coach, currently completing a Master’s Degree in Science with my thesis focused on obesity and the Ketogenic Diet. I started experimenting with Keto while completing my Bachelor of Science six years ago and immediately saw the positive benefits it had on how I looked and felt. Starting with my family and friends, I quickly realized how much I loved helping people with fitness and nutrition. Fast forward a couple years down the road and here I am, seeing my dreams become a reality. I started Ketovation as a way to help those looking for a happier and healthier version of themselves.




At Ketovation, we are online Ketogenic Diet nutrition plan experts. Our program provides a customized plan for you based on your goals while providing 24/7 online support week after week with exclusive access to our online Ketovation members group. The program also includes the following:

• Individualized: Custom-Tailored Macronutrients Based on Questionnaire
• One on One: Questionnaire Analyzed by Expert Coach
• A 3 Month Exercise Plan (No Equipment Needed!)
• 7 Day Meal Plan
• A Complete Ketogenic Diet Manual
• Access to 24/7 Support via Private Online Members Only Group
• Interactive Spreadsheet to Track Your Progress
• Keto Grocery List


Our program and the Ketogenic Diet is accessible to anyone and everyone willing to make a change. We work with competitive athletes who want to lean out, all age groups who want to lose stubborn body fat, those who are fighting insulin resistance and so many more. Reach out to us with any questions you have to see if this is the right fit for you!


There is a lot of information on the Ketogenic Diet online, but the truth is some of it is not accurate and could cause negative effects on your health and result in weight gain. Our team of experts is here to maximize your results by keeping you accountable through an online community while providing you all the information you need to be successful. Most of all we pride ourselves on providing an educational experience that will give you the tools you need to continue achieving and maintaining your goals.


As a leading online nutrition platform, our members can join our online community from anywhere in the world and have access to our private group 24/7.

Go to Start Today to learn more or contact us at [email protected]
with any questions you may have.