Let’s face it, being on any diet can seem daunting especially when the holidays roll around. Lucky for you, getting through Thanksgiving on Keto is easy and simple, and you can even double up on the turkey!

Here are five ways to still stuff your face on Thanksgiving while on Keto:

  1. Everyone can eat turkey
    Turkey is high in protein and rich in minerals such as zinc, potassium, and iron. Get out the carving knife!
  2. All aboard the gravy boat
    Gravy, known as the heavenly sauce that makes everything taste good, is usually off-limits for keto as it contains flour, but we are just not ready to give that up this Thanksgiving! Here is a great flourless gravy recipe that uses cream instead.
  3. Hearty side options
    Mashed potatoes and gravy are soulmates for life. But what do you do when you can’t have potatoes? You substitute! Carb lovers can rejoice because cauliflower mash is a fool-proof substitute for mashed potatoes, ready to be smothered in keto gravy. Check out this garlic cauliflower mash recipe by Nom Nom Paleo that we love!
  4. Stuffing, Stuffing, Stuffing
    Did you read that as carbs, carbs, carbs? It’s true, stuffing is 100% carbs and 0% Keto-friendly. Fortunately, Cavemanketo has a brilliant alternative to stuffing that is made from almond flour that tastes even better than the original.
  5. You can have your pie and eat it too!
    Save some room for keto dessert. From crust-less pumpkin pie to macadamia fudge, the possibilities are endless to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Whether you’re a Keto veteran or a newbie, hosting a dinner or bringing a side dish to a friend’s house, these tips will help you get through the holiday in a breeze. Happy Keto Thanksgiving!

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